Press Release

Nearly two months after his mysterious disappearance, President
Yar’Adua (or a talented thespian) inexplicably elected to address the
country via the BBC. Yet, no one can independently verify the
authenticity of the voice that assured worried Nigerians that “I am
getting better.”

As his cowardly army of supporters declare victory and accuse the
press of incendiary sensationalism, many pertinent issues must be

First, there is no proof that the quavery voice we heard on radio
belonged to the president and even if it were his, the whole affair is
dubious unless the BBC can provide evidence that it was recorded two
days ago.

Second, members of the president’s cabinet are guilty of high treason
and must be tried immediately. For two months, they have lied to their
fellow citizens. Curiously, they have continued to award contracts to
their cronies while they take advantage of the vacuum in Aso Rock.

Third, the BBC cannot be trusted. And as long as the Crown continues
to support Nigeria’s Northern elite, the BBC must be viewed with
suspicion. This mouthpiece of imperialist Britain has been involved in
numerous scandals ranging from fraud to ethical lapses. In spite of
its so-called independence, it is funded by the British public trust
and is first and foremost a propaganda machine. It is absurd that
British media organisations are so influential on the African
continent. Even if he was really the one on tape, why must our
president break his silence this way? What happened to the local media
who are the custodians of the people’s trust?

Full Disclosure.

The citizens of Nigeria deserve to know the truth. In my campaign
against the larcenous Erastus Akingbola and his fellow goons in the
financial sector, I argued for full disclosure from the banks. This
phrase has now become a mantra. So why does a president that expressly
supported the reforms in the banking sector fail to reveal his true
medical condition?

Enough of this dangerous obscurantism! The president must allow the esteemed members of the Nigerian press to visit him and communicate their findings to the Nigerian people.

Dayo Coker is a blogger and economic analyst.


~ by DayoCoker on January 13, 2010.

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